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Chibi Soldier Avatar

This cool lady is, well, me. Chrissy wanted a new avatar for the Ghost Recon Coop Let's Play.
The tactical shooter series inspired this artwork as well as the character editor of Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands.
If you look closely at the final design you'll see a lot of small details, like the "sapper" tattoo on the arm.

The coloring varieties show that professional coloring is more than paint within lines like in a coloring book. Light and shadow are important, as well as matching colors and tones.

The last picture shows which questions came up during the process. I'd like to shout out a special thanks to Rob from Sketchcraft for his "Art Tip in Coloring & Lighting" (watch it here:

Streeture design chibi racoon chrissy avatarv3

final design

Streeture design chibi racoon chrissy comp

coloring varieties

Streeture design roadsofar

problem solving