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Mascot for Klasoran

This mascot is for our client Klasoran. He's a Let's Player and wanted an individual mascot in the style of Japanese manga (One Piece). It had to be a transformation between himself as a human (with the fedora, leather jacket, sun glasses and stylish trousers) and his favorite Pokémon (Dragoran from the first 150 Pokémon we all love).
You can see how we managed to fulfill his requirements in the work process shared on this page. It's a collaboration between Isi-san, Phil and Chrissy. The process shows how we transformed a sketch into the dragon-human and inked it with different screen tones. The coloring process took a lot of time since it's done with different highlight layers. Have a look at the speed art of the coloring process.

If you want a mascot for your brand feel free to contact us.

Streeture design klasoran inked color
Streeture design workprocess

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