Avatar "DJZ"

Streeture design avatar djz 600px streeturedesign

PS4 platin trophy hunter "Der Jörg Zockt" (https://twitter.com/DerJoergZockt) contacted us and asked for a cool looking character design fitting his social media re-branding.
This scifi avatar is what we came up with. It's a CG character made by Phil (https://twitter.com/PIKRASSO). Based on Jörg's banner which you can see here (https://streeturedesign.artstation.com/portfolio/youtube-channel-design-der-jorg-zockt?album_id=28768) Phil developed the trophy hunter character in 3D using different modelling and shading tools.

If you want an avatar for your social media too or if you are looking for a 3D character contact us via mail.