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Streeture design sansoran small
Final Artwork

This character is for our client Klasoran. He's a fan of Sans, a skeletton boy from the videogame Undertale. The new character had to be a transformation between himself as a human (with the fedora and sun glasses), his favorite Pokémon Dragoran (antenna) and Sans (skeletton, blue jacket, dark shorts and slippers).
You can see how we managed to fulfill his requirements in the final artwork. It's another collaboration between Isi-san, Phil and Chrissy.

For all of you interested in the realtime design process feel free to have a look at the two video clips above. Chrissy is talking in German (since it was a German Livestream) and explains some things about making flats and coloring the character.
Enjoy our work and if you want a mascot for your brand feel free to contact us.